English: 2 Tips for Thinking in English

Here are tips I collected from English lecturers and I’m practicing it everyday.

You’re preparing to build your mind to work in English mode rather than translation mode.

Instead of explaining why we have to do it, let’s give it a try to practice, because “Practice makes perfect”.

  1. The first tip is to start simple and name objects around you in English.

    If you can do that very easily, then you can move on. But if that’s a challenge for you, spend some time on object naming.

    Every time you’re in a new room, a new environment, take a few seconds to do it.

    Note words you don’t know, look them up, learn them.

    The context will help you remember them.If you’re not sure about the pronunciation, listen to some native speakers.
  2. The next step is having small conversations with yourself in English.

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